Self Help

My internet connection does not work

When your internet connection is not working you often can resolve it with a few easy steps before logging a support call.


Self HELP Steps to follow:


  1. Check that the modem has power.
  2. Check the L.E.D Status on the front of the modem
  3. Test for connection with a LAN Cable plugged directly into the Satellite Modem (not via wifi)
  4. Check if you Wi-Fi router is connected


If all these Self help steps still result in no connection please make use of the mentioned methods to contact us for support.


How to log a support Call


E Mail
Write an Email to
State your Satellite / account number, Name, Surname and contact no and reason for your request.


Log into your account and complete a support ticket.


Call us on 010 001 4278. Remember to have your account number, Name, Surname and contact no handy when requested.

How much data do I use when streaming?

Netflix for example streaming requires a download speed of 1.5 Mbps for low quality, 3 Mbps for SQ quality, and 5 Mbps for HD quality, so any of
FlexConnect’s Satellite Internet Solutions can comfortably handle any binge-watching needs!


It is also ideal for streaming music via applications like Spotify and Napster. Music giant Spotify for example only requires .096 Mbps of speed for streaming on your phone and .1670 Mbps to listen on your computer or tablet.


Flex Connect also delivers good video chat capability. Video chat users, according to Skype, need 1.5 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload, while video calls with multiple people need 8 Mbps to download.

Does Satellite Internet support gaming?

Due to transmission latency, FlexConnect satellite does not support online gaming or real-time equities trading.

What is Upload and Download speed?

Two numbers that you will always encounter when subscribing to an Internet solution are the upload speed and download speed of the service:
Download speed is the speed at which your computer or smart device ‘gets’ information from the Internet. In other words, when you try and open your email, your download speed would determine how long it takes to load your emails and applications.

Upload speed is the speed at which information travels from your internet-connected device to the Internet. So if you send an email, your upload speed would determine how long it takes for your email to arrive in the mailbox of the intended recipient.


You will notice that download speeds are much higher than upload speeds.
The reason for this is that Internet users download much more information than what they upload.


So watching movies, getting the latest best-seller from Amazon for your Kindle or scrolling though Facebook doesn’t require much upload speed.
Upload speed counts when you rely heavily on the Internet to do interactive activities like video chatting on Skype or sending large files through applications like Wetransfer.

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