Products & Services

Access to the internet anywhere. Unlimited internet packages flexible to your needs.


Our differentiator is that we deliver reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity to businesses and homes, partnering with your community to instantly connect you to the Internet, even in the remotest places in South Africa.


Clear, reliable and cost-effective voice calls are essential for any business. At FlexConnect we provide affordable and flexible voice packages that will enable you to operate your business in the international community.


FLEX Connect provide access to a range of cloud storage solutions. Our Digital marketplace provides customers options to select cloud storage solutions fit for purpose at affordable rates.


FlexConnect helps deliver broadband connectivity and end-to-end video services to rural and remote areas that are often difficult to reach. This enables security and asset tracking solutions.


We provide bespoke IoT solutions, enabling you to implement monitoring and control of your operations. Areas of application include Agriculture, Asset management, Fuel Depot Solutions.


With a high availability rate in VSAT connectivity uptime, this is a great solution to use satellite as your redundant or failover for critical networks. Using a VSAT as a backup or Standby will ensure that you get that 99.9% availability on a network.


Our business activities require a National deployment of Technical and Professional qualified staff. This enables local based support for the range of Solutions we offer. Contact us for Resource Solutions.

Cyber Risk

As businesses undergo Digital Transformation at a rapid rate, their leaders must learn how to build IT and Cyber Security Strategies. We partnered with top class Cyber Risk software platform to partner with you on this important journey.


Business applications required for business on one platform. Our Marketplace gives organisations and individuals the option to choose best in class software to run and operate their business.

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